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Training on Sustainable Forest Management started in Community Forests (PART 2)


[Continuation of Training on Sustainable Forest Management started in Community Forests (PART 1)]

Mid October, the ‘Promoting Sustainable Forest Management in the Kavango-Zambezi Region in Namibia’ (NSFM)-Project commenced with its workshops in Community Forests in Kavango West, Kavango East as well as Zambezi Region; Mbeyo, Likwaterera, Zilitene and Lubuta were the first Community Forests that got training on Sustainable Forest Management. During the two-day-long workshops, the members of the Community Forests were trained on the various facets of Sustainable Forest Management.

Day two of the workshops commenced with the subject of permits. The trainer discussed with the participants the different types of permits available, as well as the process of issuing a permit and monitoring the person who got the harvesting permit. They also discussed what has to be done if the permit holder does not adhere to the rules. Furthermore, the price of timber was a topic. The trainer illustrated the current price situation in detail so that the participants clearly felt who much it actually hearts to sell a tree for only N$ 300. The trainer used the example of a chair made from rosewood: “One tree makes approximately 30 chairs. One chair is sold for N$ 250. Now, think about how high the profit margin is for the carpenter that paid you N$ 300 for that tree of which he made 30 chairs!” The participants understood that they are actually selling their timber for too little money. 

Next on the schedule of day 2 was the subject of agroforestry. Trainer and participants worked out together the benefits of combining the growing of crops and the grazing of cattle under the trees of a forest in an agroforestry system. By asking the question if all fences in their Community Forest were authorised, the trainer went on to the subject of illegal fencing. The last topic before the lunch break was the woodlands of Namibia as well as fire management in forests.

The afternoon session commenced with an exam. All participants were so eager to pass the exam that they did a recap of all subjects during their lunch break. The very last session of the workshops was a practical on forestry inventory. With the generous support of the Directorate of Forestry through borrowing a GPS as well as a caliber, the participants had to practice the different steps of a forest inventory. 

The workshops in the Community Forests concluded with a hand-over ceremony of certificates.

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