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Sustainable Forest Management Explained in 8 Episodes: Dialogue Event in Kavango West Region


On the 29th of August 2023, the NSFM Project hosted a video presentation followed by a public discussion on these short educational video clips on Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) in Kavango West region stakeholders in Nkurenkuru . These videos clips (click here to get to the videos) are based on the fact sheet series that the NSFM Project launched in 2022. The series of eight educational video clips that were first launched in English language in 2022 have been visual translated to three local languages (Silozi, Rumanyo and Rukwangali). They are an important component of the ‘Promoting Sustainable Forest Management in the Kavango-Zambezi-Region in Namibia’ (NSFM) Project, a collaborative initiative of the Hanns Seidel Foundation (HSF) Namibia and the Desert Research Foundation of Namibia (DRFN), financially supported by the European Union.

The event was moderated by Ms Daisy Manungo. The welcoming remarks were provided by Hon. Fillipus Tenga, the councillor of Nkurenkuru Constituency, who welcomed all participants and gave his appreciation to the NSFM Project for the visual translated videos in Rukwangali language. He said that they have a huge impact in the local community. He added that the Nkurenkuru constituency is mostly dominated by Rukwangali speaking people, hence, the translated videos in the local language will have a huge impact on them in terms of awareness creation. The introduction and objectives were provided by Dr Clemens von Doderer, Resident Representative of the HSF, who highlighted that there is a greater need of Nkurenkuru councillors and governors to push the central government to develop local value chains for timber in the Kavango West region. He further briefed on the objectives and previous activities of the NSFM Project.

The participants watched eight Rukwangali educational video clips that explained the concept and benefits of SFM. The participants expressed their appreciation for the NSFM Project’s efforts to translate the videos into Rukwangali and their eagerness to share them with their respective community forests. Participants commented that such effective environmental education, especially in the native language, was essential for sustainable development and for fostering a better understanding and respect for nature.

After each video clip, there was a discussion session, followed by a Q&A session at the end of the event.

The closing remarks were given by Hon. Joseph Sikongo, Chairperson of the Regional Council Kavango West, who regretted that the NSFM Project was coming to an end despite its significant impact on the local people in the community forests. He pledged to write a letter requesting an extension of the project.

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